Introduction to Help with Statistics Homework Online Help:

Statistics is the formal science of creating well-organized use of mathematical data between the groups of individuals. We can study the statistics in online by the tutors. Online is very easy to learn the concepts. Now we will see the examples and homework problems for statistics with the help of tutor. 


Example Problems - help with statistics homework online help:


Example 1

What is the mean of the following sequence in statistics?



The given numbers are 16,18,26,29,34.


We can find the mean with the help of average.

Mean = `(16+18+26+29+34)/(5)`

        = `(123)/(5)`


Solution is 24.6.

Example 2

Find out the Median for the following sequence. 48,53,58,62,59,52,72,82,89.


First sort the above numbers. We get 48,52,53,58,59,62,72,82,89.

The center element is 59.

Therefore median=59.

Example 3

What is the mean, median, mode and range of the below order in statistics?



The given numbers are 24,28,33,38,43,49,53.


Mean is the average of the given number. Calculate average with the help of the total value of the given sequence.

Sum of the given numbers are = 24+28+33+38+43+49+53

                                                  = 268.

Total values are divided by 7 (7 is the total numbers) = `(268)/(7)`

                                                                                 = 38.2.


Center element of the given series is a median.

The number series is 24,28,33,38,43,49,53.

The center element of the above sequence is 38.

So the median = 38.


Mode is the duplication of the series. The given sequence no duplicates value. Therefore the mode is empty.


Minus the low value from the high value of the series.

Range =53-24



Homework Problems - help with statistics homework online help:


Homework problem 1

Find the median value for the following series.18,36,38,46,49,56,59.


The middle element is 46.

Therefore 46 is the median.

Homework problem 2

Find the mode value for the following.48,49,54,58,64,49.


Mode =49.

These examples and homework problems with solutions are used to study the statistics.These are given by online tutors.