Introduction to probability level chart:

A probability level chart is a table or diagram, graph of the view rate of events. The level chart shows the chances an opportunity event in space or time or situation will take place starting from some combination of initial conditions. Probability level chart is very easy to understand and compute the measurements. These are based on vertical and horizontal axis. This is relating to the flexible log axis scale. Scale is denoted by set of the dates and frequency dates.




What is probability?

The probability of an event is the find out of how many times event will happen because of a research. They will give a clearly results. The probability is the study of chance or possibility of an event to happening like straight or not directly, probability plays a role in the all activities.

Type of probability level chart:

  •  Normal Probability level chart
  •  Uniform Probability level chart
  •  Normal Probability Plots level chart.


Probability level chart:


Normal Probability level chart:

The Normal Probability supply is very common in the field of statistics. Every time we calculate things like people's height, weight, salary, opinions or votes, the graph of the results is very often a normal curve.

The chart of the normal distribution bases on two things that are the mean and the standard deviation. The mean of the distribution find out the position of the center of the chart, and the standard deviation find out the height and width of the chart.                

                                                                                       Both are normal Curve

Probability level chart: Probability level chart:

Standard normal probability distribution curve f(x) = 1 /  `sqrt(2)` `Pi` * e  x 2 / 2

Standard Normal Curve μ = 0, σ = 1

Probability level chart:

Uniform Probability level chart:

Uniform probability is continuous probability distribution. U (0, 1) it is standard uniform probability

 Formula is f(x)= `(1)/(B)`  – A  for A`<=` x`<=`   B

Example: F(x) = x for 0`<=` x `<=` 1

Probability level chart:

Normal Probability Plots level chart:

The normal probability contrive is a graphical method for assessing whether or not a data set is just about normally distributed. The data are plotting next to an abstract normal distribution in such a way that the points be supposed to form an estimated straight line. Departures from this directly line specify departures from normality.

The normal probability plot is a particular case of the probability plot. We wrap the normal probability plot separately due to its importance in many applications. Following picture showing Normal Probability Plots level chart.


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