Solving Difficult Math Problems

In this article , we are going to discuss solving difficult math problems. In math there are certain problems are very difficult for solving, but we can solve those problems very easily by contacting an online based tutoring or some home based tutoring. Let us see some problems for solving difficult math problems.Example Problems for Math Problems:Solving difficult math problems 1:
Find the value for x in the expression `x/5` +x-`7/5` =0Solution:
The given expression is `x/5` +x-`7/5` =0
We need to find the value of x
`x/5` +`(5x-7)/5` =0
The above expression can be written has
`x/5` +`(5x)/5` -`7/5` =0
Now add `7/5` on both sides of above equation
`x/5` +`(5x)/5` - `7/5` +`7/5` =`(0+ 7)/5`
`x/5` +`(5x)/5` =`7/5`
`(6x)/5` =`7/5`
Multiply by 5 on both sides of above equation
`(6x)/(5)xx(5)=` `7/5 xx5`
Now divide by 6 on both side of the above
x=`7/6`Solving difficult math problems 2.
Multiply the fraction `660/25` and `665/26`
Given we need to multiply fractions `660/25` and` 665/26`
Fractions must multiplied using the formula `(axxc)/(bxxd).`
Here a = 660, b = 25, c= 665, d=26.
= `(axxc)/(bxxd).` =`(660xx665)/(25xx26) ` by solving it we get
A =`438900/650`
= `4389/65`Solving difficult math problems 3.
Find the area of the circle with radius 13 feet. Important use symbol pie value approximately as 3.14Solution:
We know that area of circle is equal to pi r2
Here the given radius is 13
Substitute the r value in the formula
=3.14x 13x 13
Therefore the area of circle is 530.66 feet squareSolving difficult math problems 4.
Prove the problems of the distance points (2, 3) and (0, 6)
The distance formula of the distance of two points (a, b) and(c, d) are given by
D=`sqrt [(c-a)^ 2+ (d-b) ^2]`
Show the formula to find the distance between d points (2, 3) and (0, 6) of distance
D=`sqrt [(0-2)^2+ (6-3)^2]`
=  `sqrt (13)`
Few more Example Problems for Math ProblemsSolving difficult math problems 5 .
Fine the surface area of cube in kilometers for the side is 9mSolution:
Area of cube A=6 * 92
A=6 *81
A=486 sq meters
now surface area in kilometer is 0.000486 sq kilometersSolving difficult math problems 6
A rectangle has a perimeter of 360 meters and its length L is 6 times its width W.find the dimensions W and Land area of the rectangleSolution :
Use the formula of a perimeter to write
We now rewrite the statements its length L is 6 times its width w into a mathematical equation as follows
We substitute L in the equation 2l+2w=360 by 6w
2(6W) +2W=360
Expand and group like terms
Solve for W
W= 25.70
Use the equation L=6W to find L
(6W)=6(25.70) = 154 meters
Use the formula of the area
Area=LW=25.70* 154=3857 square meters.