Let we discuss about isosceles triangle and right angle. A triangle should be the base shapes of geometry. Line segments are the polygon. Isosceles triangles are one type of triangles.

Right angle can be an angle that will divide the angle created by two halves of a straight line. More accurately, when a ray should place that means its endpoint is over a line. And adjacent angles are equal. These angles are known as right angles.


Isosceles triangle:


Shape of Isosceles triangle:


An isosceles triangle should have two equal sides. In the figure, two equal sides can contain length b. And also remaining side has length a. These properties should be equal to the two angles of triangle that are equal. This triangle containing two equal sides and also two equal angles.


  • The base of the triangle is always its unequal side.
  • Base angles of triangle are in equal measurement. Here, angles ∠ABC and ∠ACB are often the same
  • Third angle should be a right angle known as "right isosceles triangle".
  • Altitude = Perpendicular length between base and topmost vertex.


Solving isosceles triangle:


Finding base from the leg and altitude of a triangle. That is,


Where, L is length of leg and A is altitude.


Finding leg length from the base and altitude. That is,

 leg = `sqrt(A^2 + (B/2)^2)`

Where, B is length of base and A is altitude


To find altitude from the base and leg. That is,

 Altitude = `sqrt(L^2 - (B/2)^2)`

Where, L is the length of leg

            B is the base.


Right angle:


Right angle is to be an internal angle. The measurement is always 90°.


Few example shapes:


When we turning round, this can be corresponds to a quarter rotate.

Closely correlated and essential geometrical conception should be perpendicular lines. These are the lines form right angles at their point of intersection and also orthogonality. These can be property of forming right angles. They are normally applied to vectors. The incidence of right angle over a triangle should be a crucial factor for right triangles. These are making the right angles basic to trigonometry.