Introduction to square polygon:

Polygon means nothing but in geometry polygon is traditionally a plane figure it should bounded by a closed figure, composed of a finite sequence of straight line segment. The segments are called edges, the two edges meeting at a point is called vertices or corners.(Source -Wikipedia)


Definition for square polygon:

Square polygon is a one of the two dimensional geometry object or regular polygon in geometry. It contains four edges and 4 vertices. In geometry square polygon having equal sides of four of closed equal sides or edges and also angle of the square is equal so it is called as square angle of the square polygon is 360 each should be 90 Degree, Two edges are connected to make a angle of 90 Degree  and also make a vertex


Basic concept of square polygon:


Basic concept of square polygon:

Exterior angle of a square polygon:

Each and Exterior angle of the  polygon is 360°.  Formula for calculating the each angle is

 Exterior angle of a square polygon =  360° / n( total no of sides)

                                            n = no of sides.

In square there are 4 sides

So the exterior angle of square is 360 / 4

                                                     = 90

Interior angle of a Regular square  Polygon:

Interior angle of square polygon should calculated using:

Interior angle of a regular polygon =  ((Total No of sides - 2 ) / n ) × 180°

n= Total no of sides.

In a square the number of sides is 4

So internal angle of square  = (4 -2 ) / 4 * 180

The angle is equal to 90.

In a polygon the number of diagonals is  n(n-3) / 2

N= 4 in square

So the diagonals = 4 (4-3) /2

                           = 2

The square has 2 diagonals.

So the square is called as square polygon

From the square polygon:

Edges=4(sides)( AB,BD,DC,AD)

Vertex=4(A, B,C,D)

Internal Angle =90degree

AB, BD, DC, AD=> Four equal edges or four equal sides


Total angle of square poly is 360 degree

Each angle should have equal angle of 90 degree

AD=BC ( Two diagonals of the square polygon)


Area and perimeter of the square polygon:


 Area of the square polygon= a*a

a=sides of the square polygon( side length of the square)

Perimeter of the square polygon= 4*a

Perimeter of the square polygon is product of 4 and side length of the square polygon.